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Warning: Late repayment can cause you serious money problems. For help, go to

2327.87% APR Representative

Representative Example: The total amount of credit is £275, borrowed for a period of 28 days at an interest rate of 359.40% (fixed), the total amount repayable will be £357.36, comprising of £82.36 of interest in one repayment of £357.36. Representative 2327.87% APR.
Warning: Late repayment can cause you serious money problems. For help, go to

Payday Panda Has You Covered When Unexpected Expenses Occur

Apply for a Pay Day LoanIf you've ever experienced the strife that comes with unexpected bills, you will know what a relief some extra cash can be at a time when you need it most. Instead of choosing between a meal and repairing the car to get to work, you now have other options that are less detrimental to your life.

Payday Panda has helped thousands of individuals get by until their next paycheck with easily-obtained payday loans. Most individuals are eligible for payday loans through this service, which is great news if they were turned down by traditional banks and lending institutions in the past.

Payday loans are designed to be borrowed over the short-term to address emergency situations. When handled correctly, a loan found through Payday Panda can give you peace of mind and let you get back on track while you wait for your next payday.

Loan Terms and Implications

Please review this general information about payday loans before submitting an application to Payday Panda. Payday Panda encourages smart, short-term borrowing through payday loans that are repaid responsibly and on-time. By becoming familiar with how payday loans work and the terms of your specific loan, you are giving yourself a better chance of having a stress-free borrowing experience.

Non-Payment Implications and Collections:
By repaying your loan on time, you prevent the growth of interest and fees. The amounts of these fees and interest rates can vary greatly for lender to lender. Failure to pay on time may result in raised interest rates and additional financial penalties. Please contact your lender and review your loan documents for more specific information. Payday Panda encourages borrowers to contact their lender as soon as they realize they will have trouble making a payment. Lenders are often willing to work with borrowers to readjust payment schedules. Taking action early will also help you protect your credit record. Please be aware that third party collection agencies may contact you if you fail to make on-time payments. Again, contacting your lender as soon as you realize there may be a problem with your payment can prevent collection issues.

Late Payments:
Payday Panda strongly suggests that borrowers only take out a payday loan in an amount they can pay back on time- usually when their next paycheck comes in. If you do need to make a late payment, your lender can often work with you on readjusting your payment schedule and alert you of any fees and penalties that will occur for late payments. Late payment fees vary by lender, so make sure you understand the financial implications before accepting a loan.

Renewal Policy:
Please contact your lender if you wish to renew your loan. Contacting a lender well in advance will generally increase your chances of obtaining a renewal. A renewal can be a great option if you require an additional amount of money and wish to keep the same fees, interest rates, and lender. It is also important to note that some loans may renew or extend automatically if payment is not submitted in time.