How to clean and maintain your concrete worktops

polished concrete worktop

Once you are determined to get concrete worktops fixed, it is imperative to learn about the proper cleaning and maintenance. Your worktops will have to get changed over the years, so it is crucial to know what to anticipate and how to avoid unsolicited stains.

ConcreteMade LTD specializes in manufacturing high-end concrete worktops, all constructed using a premium mix. We aim to customize worktops and deliver tailored services to ensure customer satisfaction. To maintain these luxurious concrete worktops, follow the tips below:

Utilize pan stands and chopping boards
Even though the polished concrete worktop delivered by ConcreteMade are super durable, but you must never place hot pans or pots directly on the worktop. It is because a lot of sealants are unable to respond appropriately to high heat. Moreover, by placing a pan stand or cloth, you will keep the worktop in the best shape. It is also vital to never cut food straight on your concrete worktops as it might scratch the surface instead of utilizing a chopping board.

Manage tough stains with laundry detergent
If your concrete worktop has stronger and tougher stains, you can use a laundry detergent to clean them. Make a paste by mixing detergent with water and rub it into the stain. Use a soft toothbrush and leave the mix to sink into the material’s openings for a few minutes before wiping away. Even though industrial strength cleaners are generally opted by people, ConcreteMade advises gentle cleaning.

Use a pH-balanced cleaner
pH-balanced cleaners are added a way to take away stains from your concrete worktops and ensure that they stay clean. Search for wipes designed precisely for cleaning concrete- these are the greatest way to guarantee that your worktops will continue to stay maintained. You can even utilize these wipes daily for light cleanses. These are also convenient for people who are always in a rush but enjoy having a clean worktop for the kitchen.

If you are searching for concrete worktops, contact ConcreteMade and get a free no-obligation quotation. Not only do we offer premium worktops but we also provide excellent craftsmanship.

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