Enjoy Peace with Blum Drawer Slides Soft Close Attachment

Blum Drawer Slides

There is nothing more distracting or annoying than loud drawers. Kids bang the drawers in their rooms searching for stationery, employees slam the file cabinets in the office and men search for cooking utensils early on weekend mornings. All these examples disturb the peace of the room as they create unnecessary noises. REJS has a very simple solution to this problem. The drawer slides soft close attachment prevents the drawer from banging against the back wall and creating any noise.

Drawer Slides Soft Close Advantages
The drawer slides soft close attachment stops the drawer’s loud banging noise. You can open and close any drawer to a bedside table or cot with a sleeping baby in it. The attachment maintains a pin drop silence.

Drawer slides soft close attachment also protects your expensive furniture. The more frequently you open the drawer, higher are the chances for scratches and indents on your furniture from continuous slamming. Scratches get deeper over time. Hence, it will cost you extra in repairs.

The drawer slides soft close attachment comes with REJS drawer runners. They allow for smooth and feather light opening and closing of all drawers. As the drawers no longer get stuck inside their frames, they are easy to use.

Internal Mechanism Of Drawer Slides Soft Close Attachment
The Blum drawer slides soft close is a small attachment that can be purchased separately or included within the set of drawer runners. They are brightly colored and attached to the bottom of the drawer. The design has been engineered to slow down the closing drawer. As the drawer moves inside and the speed decreases and it automatically prevents the drawer banging on the back wall or sides. You will hear a small click as the drawer comes to a stop.

To a new user the mechanism seems complicated but it requires a few screws for attachment. The instructions are direct and straightforward. There is no need to pay money to a repairman. Anyone, even with no experience with hardware can install them.

To witness the peace of a quiet room, install the REJS drawer slides soft close attachment to all your drawers today.

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